Cambridge Assessment has announced that the Nov 2021 examinations will go ahead in countries where the governments have given permission for tuition and exams to continue.

This form is now closed.

Final date for payments for entries already sent through the form is 31 August.

Cambridge International Examinations

Cambridge International Examinations – written at El Shaddai Christian School. ESCS students write the IGCSE examinations in Grade 10 and 11, followed by the AS Level examinations written in Grade 12. El Shaddai Christian School also hosts private candidates for the Cambridge examinations written in June and November each year.

Entry procedure:

  • School and private candidates should follow the procedure below:
  • Complete and submit the online application form (green button above).
  • Private candidates will receive a quote and school candidates will receive an invoice.
  • Check the details in the quote / invoice and make payment into the school’s bank account.
  • A provisional statement of entry will be sent to students for checking once payment has been received.
  • ESCS will upload the entries to Cambridge for candidates whose examination / tuition fees have been paid. Please note that no refunds are given for withdrawals after our entries are uploaded to Cambridge, except for medical reasons or qualifying family trauma (e.g. a bereavement). Not being ready does not qualify.
  • The final confirmation of entry from Cambridge is forwarded to students / parents.
  • ​It is the responsibility of the student to check our online timetable regularly, as this may show minor changes (e.g. arrangements for clashes) on an ongoing basis.

NB: ESCS is not able to enter private candidates for any examination where the syllabus states that it is not available to private candidates, for example Art & Design. In addition we do not offer the ICT examinations to private candidates as we do not have enough computers for large numbers of students.